Psychological Testing & Assessment Services

​Jennifer is passionate about empowering individuals to overcome personal obstacles and negotiate the challenges of life using an empathic, non-judgmental, and goal-oriented approach in order to provide a thorough assessment. It is not about perfection. It is about effort. She utilizes her training as both a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist and Psychological Assessor to provide an integrative approach to comprehensive psychological evaluations.

​Jennifer has extensive experience and training in both psychological evaluation and testing. She is an expert in conducting comprehensive psychological evaluations and utilizing the most up-to-date and scientifically supported psychological assessment tools. She has a vast of knowledge in conducting assessments for ADHD, anxiety and mood disorders, emotional and behavioral disturbances, cognitive and intellectual functioning, substance use, and personality assessments. She prides herself on providing the most thorough evaluations in order to provide clinically appropriate diagnoses and individualized treatment recommendations and feedback. Other areas of expertise include conducting psychological evaluations for use in various complex cases and court settings, as well as testifying.

JEnnifer Maupin, M.A., LPC-S